You always want to get the most out of the used car you are selling. Sure, you’ll likely get significantly less than you paid for it, but everyone wants to get fair market value for their used car.

You can increase the selling value of your vehicle by doing the following:

  • Keep it original – Buyers will be looking for original car parts. When you replace a facet of your car, it is best to put in parts from the original manufacturer. Buyers will be turned off by a car that sports a mismatched steering wheel.
  • Clean it up – Clean the car—inside and out. Your car could be sparkling clean on the outside, but the buyer could still be turned off if the carpet is dirty or if you have a messy trunk. Get your car ready to show by cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Clean the rubber – The parts of your car that are made of rubber will look old or cracked after years of use. Parts such as door seals, windows gaskets, and rubber trunk lining can show age. You can spiff them up with some tire cleaner or other products to give them a fresh, new look.
  • Invest in the interior – Repair the seats, change the seat covers, and clean or replace the floor carpets and mats.
  • Tend to the tires – If your car has bad tires, meaning that there is less than a quarter of the tread life left, spend a little money and replace them before putting the car on the market.
  • Take care of the creaks, squeaks, rattles, and moans – Mechanical issues must be addressed before putting the car up for sale. The noise could be coming from the brakes, timing chains, steering, or suspension, all of which must be fixed before selling the car. Any oil or water leaks should also be properly addressed.

Putting in the time and money to get your car in top shape can pay dividends when it’s time to sell.