When you are purchasing a pickup truck, the salesman will likely ask you if you prefer a manual or automatic transmission. That decision can be tricky if you do not know the difference between the two or fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission is a self-shifting transmission that can automatically shift gears while the vehicle is moving.

Here are the main advantages of an automatic transmission:

  • Vehicles with automatic transmission are a lot easier to use because the transmission will do the gear shifting for you.
  • Automatic vehicles allow you to keep both your hands on the steering wheel for added safety in driving.
  • Driving an automatic vehicle facilitates greater comfort for the driver because his feet have to work just two pedals – the accelerator and the brake.

An automatic transmission presents disadvantages, too, including the following:

  • Automatic vehicles are more expensive than manual transmission vehicles. They are also more expensive to maintain and repair.
  • An automatic vehicle depends on the torque convertor to switch gears, making it less fuel-efficient.

Manual transmission

A manual transmission, also known as a stick shift or manual gearbox, is a type of vehicle transmission that requires the driver to manually shift gears.

Here are a few of the benefits of manual transmission:

  • Driving with manual transmission gives you more control of the vehicle because you shift the gears. It will be easier to slow down or stop when you drive a manual vehicle.
  • Manual transmission requires less maintenance and is cheaper to repair.
  • Manual vehicles are more fuel-efficient than their automatic counterparts.
  • Manual vehicles are less likely to be stolen because they are not as popular as automatic vehicles.

The following are the disadvantages of manual transmission:

  • Driving a manual transmission vehicle can present more safety challenges because it requires the driver to take one hand off of the wheel.
  • The driver of a manual transmission vehicle has to constantly work three different foot pedals: the clutch, the brake, and the accelerator.
  • It is much more difficult to learn how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.
  • It is difficult to sell a manual transmission vehicle.

Understanding the differences between transmission types will make it easier for pickup truck buyers to make the best choice for their needs. Utah drivers can find a wide range of pickup trucks for sale across the state. If you’re looking for one of the most popular models, search for the F150 for sale in Utah car dealerships.