In the market for a car? Your first decision will be whether to purchase used or new. There are many reasons in support of both options. Often, it comes down to your budget. You will get the most car for your money when you buy used. On the other hand, you could also encounter some problems if the car has mechanical issues. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of both options.

New car advantages:

  • Freedom of choice – You can choose the colors and features you want in a new car, unlike when you buy a used car and have to settle for pre-selected options.
  • Less maintenance for the next few years – Your new car is covered by warranty for a number of years, which means that you will be spending less time maintaining your vehicle.
  • Roadside assistance – New cars typically come with roadside assistance. If you have a breakdown while on a trip, all you have to do is give the service provider a call, and they will come help you out of your predicament.
  • Peace of mind – It’s very reassuring to know that you are driving a brand-new car that is covered by warranty.

Used car advantages:

  • You spend less money – For about half the price of a brand new car, you can get a used 3-year-old car that works almost like new. The sale of certified pre-owned cars is becoming popular today. In many cases, a used car will come with a warranty, taking much of the risk out of your purchase. Also, if the car you buy is only a few years old, it may still be covered for a couple of years by the original manufacturer’s warranty. You may have to do without a few bells and whistles, but there’s no denying the benefits to the pocketbook when you buy used.

If you want to see used cars for sale in Utah, check online for dealership or private seller options. If you don’t have money up front, you can find a used car dealership that finances Utah buyers.