Many people believe that buying a used vehicle is a matter of luck. If you are willing to employ investigative skills and do your research, however, you can minimize the elements of chance, find potential problems, and determine the reliability of the vehicle.

The following can help you find a used vehicle that will be a good investment:

  • Do your homework – Once you find a vehicle you are interested in, check its record. There is a lot of information available about different types of used cars. Make sure to ask for a vehicle’s history report, including the maintenance and repair records.
  • Read the window sticker – As required by the Federal Trade Commission, sellers of used cars must post a Buyer’s Guide, called the window sticker. It contains important information such as if the vehicle is sold “as is” or with a warranty.
  • Inspection – Even if you know the person who is selling the used automobile, make sure to give the car a thorough vehicle inspection. You can do it yourself or hire a mechanic to do the inspection.
  • Exterior – It is quite easy to inspect the exterior of the vehicle. You can easily see the dents and scratches or any damage that is visible to the eyes. Expect to see some minor cosmetic flaws—no used vehicle is perfect. Inspect the lights, the tires, the glass, and the suspensions.
  • Interior – Check out everything in the interior of the vehicle, including the seats, the pedals, the instrument panels, the sound system, the roof, and the trunk.
  • Under the hood – It is essential to inspect the engine area, including the moving parts. Thoroughly inspect the hoses and belts, the fluids, the radiator, and the battery. If you don’t have expertise in this area, enlist the help of an expert.
  • Under the vehicle – Many buyers forget to inspect beneath the vehicle. Check the tailpipe for residue. Inspect the structure of the car to ensure that it is sound.

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