National Senior Citizens Day on August 21 is devoted to honoring the senior citizens of the country for their positive contributions in their communities, homes, and career fields. The day also raises awareness of different issues affecting seniors.

Aging Americans often need special attention due to health concerns. Their abilities to perform normal activities may have been diminished by sickness and the general frailties of old age. This can be difficult as it compromises their independence.

Many of the country’s seniors are still able and willing to drive, however, and new car technology ising to make their driving experience safer. Senior drivers may have poorer vision and slower reflexes than younger drivers, but the following advances can help make allowances for these challenges:

  • Adaptive headlights – Traditional headlights are focused forward, but this does not allow some drivers to see the road when they move into a turn. Adaptive headlights swivel in the direction a car is turning, giving drivers an illuminated view of the road ahead.
  • Automatic crash notifications – The notifications are part of the car’s telematics system, informing the driver’s family that he or she has been in a wreck. The system also connects the driver to a live attendant who can assist them if they get lost.
  • Emergency autonomous braking – This is available as an added feature on high-end vehicles. The car will automatically brake before a collision, helping to compensate for slower reflexes.
  • Blind spot warnings – This system will alert drivers of the presence of vehicles in their blind spot area, reducing the risk of collisions.
  • Automatic high beams – This feature automatically switches to high beam headlights and back for better visibility at night.
  • Rearview camera system – The camera enables the driver to see what’s behind the car as he is backing up.
  • Lane assist system – The system alerts the driver when he or she is veering outside of the lane.

Looking for a car in the Beehive State? Note that not all of these safety features are available when you buy used cars in Utah, as they are mostly unique to new and high-end cars. If you’re in the market for a truck, many F150s for sale in Utah do include these safety features.