Unless you are a car salesman, you may not know the tricks of the trade. You may even commit a mistake that you will regret later. If you are planning to sell your car, learn how to avoid the usual pitfalls.

Here are a few typical mistakes:

  • Writing vague or confusing listings – When listing your car, include as much information as you can think of. List any updates you have made to the car, such as a new CD player, paint job, or upholstery. Include your asking price and indicate if you are willing to negotiate.
  • Inflating the price – Of course you will want to get the maximum return on your car, but do not price it to a prohibitive level. You can determine the market value of your car by comparing it to similar cars on the market. You can inflate your price a little bit if you are willing to negotiate.
  • Selling Cat C or Cat D cars – Cat C cars are written off after they have been in an accident or sustained major damage. They may be repairable, but the costs of the parts and labor may be more expensive than the car itself. Cat D cars have been lightly damaged as a result of theft or an accident. They may be repairable at a lower cost. Insurance companies often write off these categories of cars, so they will be tough to sell. You will be better off selling your Cat C or Cat D car as scrap.
  • Listing in the wrong place – Advertising in local papers or through online sources will be cheaper than advertising through a regional or national source. You can pay a bit extra and widen your field, but selling local is usually the more cost-effective option.

Avoid these mistakes when you sell your car. If you live in Utah, consider selling your car through a car lot that finances Clearfield buyers. Cars for sale in Utah will often get snapped up more quickly through auto dealers than through private vendors. Dealers can also help ensure that you get top value for your car.