Do you leave your car parked overnight in the driveway or on the street? Leaving your multi-thousand dollar investment exposed is an open invitation for robbers or vandals. In order to protect your car from thieves, take steps to safeguard it.

The following are a few ideas for protecting your car:

  • Auto insurance – Car insurance protects your investment in the event of accident or loss. You pay a fixed premium, and the insurance company agrees to compensate you for your losses as defined in your policy. Car insurance covers property, liability, and medical coverage.
  • Car alarm system – These come in different forms, but they are basically electronic devices installed in cars to discourage theft of your car and its contents. The car alarm emits a high-volume sound when it is triggered by forced entry into the vehicle. Cutting-edge alarm systems notify the vehicle owner of any attempt to interrupt the car’s electrical circuits.
  • Stolen car recovery system – LoJack was the original in this field. It partners with law enforcement to trace and recover stolen vehicles. It uses a technology that consists of a radio frequency transceiver hidden in the car. Once a car with LoJack is reported stolen, the car can be traced by law enforcement through the signal transmitted by the car’s tracking unit.
  • OnStar vehicle recovery system – GM started making OnStar a standard feature for its new vehicles in 2007. It has anti-theft measures, including remote door unlock, remote horn and lights activation, and stolen vehicle locating. It can also be used by car owners to call for emergency services and roadside assistance.
  • Dash cams – These are small video recorders attached to the rear-view mirror of the car to capture what is going on in front of and behind the car. The recorded video is useful, especially in establishing who is at fault in an auto accident.

If you can shell out thousands of dollars to purchase your car, consider a modest investment to protect your vehicle.